AC Gas Leaks: 5 Signs and How to Fix Them

5 Symptoms of Gas Leak in AC System

An AC refrigerant leak means a higher electricity bill, so it is wise to know the symptoms of a gas leak in a AC system. When the AC isn’t cooling, and the air smells sweet, you have a refrigerant leak! Refrigerant leaking from your AC unit is dangerous – it’s harmful to your health and the environment, which is why it’s so important to be able to recognize the signs of a refrigerant leak and how to fix it once and for all.



5 Sign of Gas Leak in AC. These include:

    1. AC system not blowing cool air

    2. Hissing sounds from the indoor AC unit

    3. Frozen condenser coils

    4. High Electrical Bill

    5. Sweet Smell

1. AC system not blowing cool air

If your ac system is blowing hot air instead of cold air, then your ac may have a refrigeration gas leak problem. If such a leak is not noticed in time, such a system may fail because there may not be enough refrigerant left to cool the air properly. 

Check your AC filter whether it is covered with dust. A clogged filter can also cause your AC unit to overheat. If the AC filter is clean and the evaporator coil is not frozen, you most likely have a refrigerant gas leak in your AC system.

2. Hissing sounds from the indoor AC unit

When gas leaks through the thermostatic expansion valve, it causes the refrigerant and cooling pipe to sometimes make a hissing sound. This type of noise can be a symptom of AC refrigerant leak. 

If you hear hissing noises from your AC, the best thing to do is to turn off the appliance. Check your air conditioning unit for any signs of a gas leak, such as a musty smell, leaking pipes, and other issues. Contact a technician right away.

3. Frozen condenser coils

If the ice gets accumulated on the evaporator coil of the AC, then it can also be a reason that there is a gas leak in the AC. Turn off your unit and let the ice thaw first. Then you may inspect your unit for any possible hissing sounds and sweet smells coming from your AC that would indicate a gas leakage. Contact one of our experienced technicians if you suspect gas leaks.

Your dirty filter may also be the cause of the accumulation of frozen evaporator coils. Before immediately suspecting a gas leak it is a good idea to check when was the last time you cleaned your air conditioning unit. Chances are your evaporator coils are just dirty, which you can clean with a can of compressed air.

4. High electric bill can be a sign of gas leak

High electric bills can also be a symptom of gas regurgitation as the HVAC system has to work harder to cool, resulting in higher power consumption. If you notice that your electricity bill is higher than normal, switch off your AC and contact an experienced technician.

A sweet smell can also be a symptom of a gas leak

At the time of leakage of refrigerant gas, there is a special type of sweet smell which is similar to chloroform in hearing, note that it is harmful to you and your family. In this case, unplug your AC unit, and contact a technician to locate and fix the gas leak.

Note, a refrigerant leak in an AC can expose you and your family to high levels of chemical irritants, which can also damage HVAC systems.

3 Tip, How to Prevent Gas Leakage in AC

1. Use Halogen Gas Leakage Detector

2. Get your AC maintenance checkup done on time

3. Don’t DIY AC Repair

Use Halogen Gas Leakage Detector

Using a gas leak detector is a safer option as the device can smell AC leaks without posing any danger. Use the detector to find traces of gas leaking onto the coil, out of the pipe, and even onto the exterior condenser coil. This is a much safer method of diagnosing refrigerant gas problems than performing a die test or flame burner test.

Get your AC maintenance checkup done on time

AC gas leak is not a small problem, so it is very important to prevent this type of gas leak, also schedule maintenance of AC at least once in a year so that the problem can be prevented before it escalates. 

Schedule an AC cleaning with us every six months to keep all the AC parts in good working order, and to avoid damage to your air conditioner. Our technicians can promptly clean, maintain and fix any problems for you, so that you can enjoy the cooling effect of your AC, for longer!

Don't DIY AC Repair

When it comes to AC gas leaks, we never recommend that you perform any repairs on AC units. Because AC gas leakage is not a simple problem, this gas can prove to be very harmful for you and your family. So it is best to leave the repairs to the professionals.

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